MRI scan

I was diagnosed with PD about a year ago and have seen the neurologist once and the Parkinson nurse once since then nothing I have a shake in my right arm pains in my legs and really bad ache in my left shoulder, also have some very vivid dreams
I also find it hard sometime to find the right words they don’t seem to want to come out very easily, but I had an MRI scan 7 weeks ago and my wife phoned the Parkinson nurse to find out what was going on, PD nurse finely phone me and said all was OK with the scan, but still wanted me to increase my medication, am I right in saying that the MRI should have picked up PD if i had it

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I’ve not heard that MRI is at all diagnostic, @Peterb1951. I believe a DATScan is the normal way to diagnose PD, though I couldn’t tell you what one is.

I had a DaT scan that is what was used for the formal diagnosis , don’t know whether this is helpful

Yeah as other have stated a DATScan normally is used to diagnose PD, a MRI i used to rule out anything else … tumors etc.

Hi Peterb1954,

Yes a DATsan is the optimum way of checking for PD.
However that being said, it has been known to pgive false positives/ negatives.
There are also other methods that can confirm.