MRI Scan

I had an MRI scan on Tuesday. I've been suffering for a while now with what my GP thinks is sciatica, but he referred me for the scan to check exactly where the problem is, so that I can hopefully get some kind of appropriate treatment because the painkillers really aren't cutting it!

I just wanted to say that the MRI scan wasn't too bad!  After all the horror stories that I'd heard about them, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd been led to believe. wasn't the nicest experience of my life, but it certainly wasn't the worst! And as I'd had virtually no sleep the night before, I was almost falling asleep in the scanner by the end of it.....when I told the radiographer, he said that he had seen people do that!

I wanted to post this to reassure anyone who is nervous about having an MRI scan.....believe me, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. It's only 15 minutes, it's a bit noisy but they give you earplugs, and all you have to do is lie doesn't even feel as claustrophobic as you think it might. It really is nothing to worry about.


Kathy  smile


i have had a few aswell ,did you not get headphones and asked what music you liked. now that you can fall asleep too!

Hi Gus.

That would have been nice!

(I'm not sure whether you were joking or whether you really get that at your MRI scans, but either way it's a good idea.....I will suggest it if I ever have to go for another one!)


Kathy  smile

no i am not jokeing its true.dorset county hospital.saying that there was not a great choice of music tho!

is the pain unbearable in your legs, not a doctor but mention gabapentin to your gp ,its for nerve pain they are really good!

Hi Kathy,

My doctor also  prescribed gabapentin for my sciatic pain.  He said to take it as when I had pain but a physio and the pharmacist advised taking it as a course of tablets until the pain caused by the irritation of the  sciatic nerve had well and truly gone.  I took  the low dose for a month but the pharmacist said people have to take it for up to three months.  My sciatic pain was not as acute as some people get  but coupled with other muscle aches,  and bursitis in both hips it  meant I got little sleep and gabapentin was the only thing that worked for the nerve pain.  

Hi Eileenpatricia.

Actually my GP has mentioned Gabapentin, but as I am already taking Pregabalin and Cocodamol (as well as my usual PD meds and other meds for other conditions), he decided to wait until we get the results of the MRI scan before he makes a decision re treatment.

Interestingly though, a couple of years ago I was suffering from really bad involuntary movements and I read somewhere that Gabapentin could be helpful for that. I mentioned this to my neurologist at my next appointment and he basically dismissed the idea, although he did admit that a lot of drugs, which are prescribed to treat one condition, turn out to have "beneficial" side-effects for other conditions.

I now take Topiramate for my involuntary movements. Like Gabapentin, Topiramate is a drug which is usually prescribed for epilepsy. But it has been  found to have beneficial effects on PD too. And Pregabalin, which I am already taking for my sciatica, is another epilepsy drug! (which is also prescribed for neuropathic pain)

At the end of the day, I guess it's all linked to the brain!


Kathy  smile

Hi Gus.

See my reply to Eileenpatricia  (no. 6)  re Gabapentin.

Re. headphones at MRI scan.....I will definitely put that forward as a suggestion at my local hospital if I have to go for another one. All I got was ear plugs (which didn't really work!)


But even so, headphones or not, like I said originally, the MRI scan was not too bad.....I've endured far worse things in my life!  smile

thats great to here you coped, i did not find them to bad,but i do understand alot of people dont like them.

Hi Gus.

Sorry....I didn't mean that last comment to sound flippant. The actual purpose of my original post was to reassure people who may be nervous about having an MRI scan, that it's not as bad as it sounds.

I do understand why some people find it claustrophobic and generally unpleasant though. I was just trying to be light-hearted about it!  Sorry if it came out wrong.



on harm taken ,dont be silly!