MRI spectroscopy

I have had the following symptoms
Struggling turning over in bed arm still and painful
Loss of sense of smell
Small hand writing
Walking very slowly
Vivid dreams
I was sent for a mri spectroscopy this was 3 weeks ago but as yet iv not heard anything
Can anyone help with some advice

Many thanks

Hi and a warm welcome to our forum, @Red321. Our members are very friendly and supportive and I’m sure someone will be along soon to let you know if they have experienced the same.

Those symptoms sound really uncomfortable and worrying. Were you told how long you would be waiting for results and have you checked with your referring doctor to see if they are already waiting for you? I’d encourage you to do so. I hope you get some answers really soon.

Best of luck
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Thank you for your reply Janice
My mri was normal so I really don’t know what to do
I still have stiff left shoulder and I am unable to turn over in bed
I have lost my sense of smell
And my thumb on right had twitches
Many thanks for your reply

I believe I was told that a normal mri just excludes any other brain issues, like tumours. I’m not a neurologist but there is a lot there that looks like PD. N