Macuna bean has anyone tried this and if so how to you go about taking it ? Do I just start on a low dosage and wean myself off the requip and madapar that I take. ?

yeah i tried it came power form add it to orange juice,made me very dsskinetic waste of money ! you can by health .

I have heard alot about dbs. I have had pdfor 6 yrs can I ask to have this done or do I have to be at a certain stage before I am  entitled to it ?

Hi, Beany,

I have tried Mucuna Pruriens, but unsuccessfully, mainly because I seem to be allergic to it.

I tried it for about 3 months, then I started to develop urticaria. Also, my neurologist, although he did not disapprove, made clear to me that he couldn't help about the dosage or any other aspect of a therapy based on that substance.

I also found it rather expensive, as it is pointless buying mucuna supplements that do not state the percentage of levodopa in each capsule, hence the need to buy the capsules from abroad and having to pay customs import fees on top  of their cost. I could not find a product in the UK which stated the percentage of its levodopa contents.

Before I started having problems with hives, I did not find any benefit in using the mucuna, even though  I titrated up to 75 gr of levodopa three times a day. It did not help any of my symptoms for the simple reason that perhaps it is not so easily absorbed, unlike the synthetic versions , which also contain benserazide or carbidopa, which ensure a better absorption. It follows that one would need to add carbidopa ( called Lodosyn in Europe) to the mucuna. But it cannot be bought over the counter!

I even bought a book on the subject before I started trying the mucuna out, but I still found that I was alone in my venture. Plus the fact that it was costly and I had to plan ahead to ensure that my supply did not run out.

I don't know whether I would have persevered with it, had I not developed the nettle rash. I just know that I felt I was in a very lonely place, with no support from anyone whilst I was on it !!!

hi beany you can ask for dbs if your meds are not keeping your pd under control and suffer a lot of dyskintic due to many meds .you can ask no harm in trying if you feel you not under control any more