Has anybody been diagnosed with MSA or Parkinsons plus?
What are the differences between these and, common Parkinsons?

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I’m sure you’ll receive some advice from some other members soon. However, in the meantime, you can visit our website which explains all the different types of Parkinsonism and you can find it here -

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Diagnosis of MSA is fraught with difficulty. I was self-diagnosed aboout 6 months pror to my neuologist saying that I had an atypical parkinsonsm. The MSA Trust website is very good but the symptoms are largely common to other atypical parkinsonsims, with just subtle differences… I just took the list from the MSA Trust and tiicked off the symptoms that I recognisd and found that I fitted the pattern. My neurologist thinks I have PSP, but the differences are very subtle.

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see also the correspondence with Ritchie244 about a year ago.