Hi everyone,

My consultant has recently changed my diagnosis from Parkinson’s to MSA-P. I think many people also refer to this as Parkinson’s Plus.

I have found a few Forum threads on it, but they are all very old. I’ve also looked at the MSA Trust website.

However, it would be lovely to speak to anyone who has experience of MSA as there are so few of us and it’s a daunting diagnosis.

Hoping someone is out there and feels like contacting me!

Take care, all.

I have msa and was diagnosed one year ago.
I have many Parkinsons symptoms like slowness and difficulties with buttons but no tremors yet.
Please feel free to message me as it is a lonely illness…

Oh dear, I thought I had replied, but am not very good at working this Forum and have no idea where the message went! Here goes again …

Really reassuring to hear from someone else with MSA. It’s a tough call isn’t it? I’m stiff and tired, but tremors very manageable. Balance and postural hypotension not so great!

Hard to say how long I’ve had it as I seem to have had some MSA symptoms for years.

It would be great to private message. Is that possible on this Forum?

Take care and thanks so much again for replying.

Gill X

Gill (or jules)

This website is very clunky, I hope PUK will look at designing a better site.

Gill If you want to privately message jules , click the big letter J next to his name. You’ll then see a blue message button option to message. Press this. This will take you into an email style screen where you can privately message. You can access your emails (and other posts) by clicking your name icon on the top right hand side on this page.

Great tips! Thanks