Just been off into the realm of research and discoveed a worrying addition to the woes of those of us just starting out on meds,not on them yet,or on them but not responding.Apparently MSA(Multi System Atrophy)is often confused with Parkinsons in the earlier stages.One of the key pointers towards MSA is not responding well to the drugs used in the treatment for Parkinsons.The two conditions are very hard to seperate and MSA itself has 3 main areas MSA-A ,MSA-C ,and MSA-P.There is loads of info out there to google for anyone wishing to delve deeper.Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share on this topic.
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I was diagnosed with Parkinsons just over 2 years ago. AS I have not responded to any medication and I am taking quite a substantial amount, I requested a 2nd opinion. I asked to be referred to a consultant at the Walton Centre for neurology at Fazakerly. He was the one who diagnosed MSA.

It came as a bombshell, but I am determined to remain positive.
I am now researching this new topic.

Hi Patann,
The Walton centre is where i attend also.Am due back in May.I have been looking at the topic next door on bladder problems and MSA.This was and still is a problem area for me having had all tests including cystoscopy last year before pd diagnosis.The whole situation is like a large medical puzzle.
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Hi Titan.
Thanks for the thread
I have just had a look at some of the sites relating to MSA it is frighteningly like Parkinson’s isn’t it??
In December I went to see a specialist in the UK, who told me he thought I have Parkinson’s Plus. I am not sure what the difference is, I go back in May and want some answers. I was first dx 3 to 4 years ago.
While I was looking at the net I came across a site called
Parkinson’s Recovery Plan, by John Colman.........worth a read
He has recovery from all his symptoms!!!!


I have also read about MSA on the web because I haven't responded really to any drugs yet and it sounds very alarming. I have lookde into John Coleman and I believe he is genuine but if you look into it it seems that some things work for some people but not neccessarily for others and each person has to work out which of a whole range of alternative therapies works for them. In the meantime you have to remain totally positive that you are getting better even if it appears you are not otherwise it won't work!

Thanks Jaylew and Grumpy.I shall look at the John Colman site that you reccommend


I had an Email from the John Colman site,

It all looks very good, and t should do at a cost of $49 a month.

I can't see any contract that has to be signed into , so one could join for a short or longer period. at about 25 quid a month.

As good as it sounds ,i shall not be taking the offer up,

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I am now having electro magnetic treatments at the Sanctuary of Healing at Old Langho. It has a website. Seems to work for MS ,and after discussion with the owner I am giving it a try for 6 weeks. Will keep you informed