Mucuna Chocolate

Hello All

I am very interested in alternative therapies (being used in conjunction with medication) and my mothers mobility has remained good over the last 7 years (she still goes line dancing every week) with the help, I believe, of 3 weekly visits to a PD specialist acupuncturist.  As my mother is now struggling a little to find words I have been looking a little into Mucuna as a natural L Dopa.

I have been directed to David Wolfe and his website which sells Mucuna powder, Chocolate & even Chocolate covered coffee beans with Mucuna which would be ideal for my mother as she absolutely LOVES chocolate & coffee and is quite fed up with taking so many drugs.  I noticed there was quite a big conversation back in 2009 about Mucuna on this forum but wondered if anyone has recently tried such products and had successes ?

I haven't as yet been able to get the coffee beans as they seem to be out of stock/very popular but would be happy to make chocolate with the powder HOWEVER I am struggling to get any information on quantities/recipes etc (the website Longevity Warehouse in the US will not give me any information and say I have to consult someone medically trained so I feel I am going a round in circles a little)

Anyway this my 1st post - if anyone is interested in trying this product with my mother as a mini case study please let me know or if anyone has any recipes or better still a reputable UK supplier then I would love to hear from you.