Mucuna - Dosage

Hi there. I am new here.
My mother has been diagnosed 1 week ago (insomnia, depression, anxiety, softer voice, degenerated handwrighting, inclined posture, difficulty in moving easily right foot and hand, difficulty to focus - stage 3 maybe 4 on) and just started with Sinemet, when we found out about Mucuna Pruriens.
She wants to give Mucuna a try.
Please advise how much of it and how many times a day?
(I read the study made in July 2017 by American Academy of Neurology and it says they had results with 17.5 milligrams per kilogram of patient, however in other medical articles and here I see quantitied of up to 30 grams a day)
What should we do?
Thanks a lot!
Best ro you all!