Mucuna Extract

Anyone tried the ‘Macuna Extract’ from British Supplements? It’s advertised as ‘clean mucuna extract’ 99% l-dopa. 483mg in a capsule. I’m on a bundle of meds at the moment so I’m trying one tablet at night which is when my meds are at the lowest and find turning over in bed as easy as pie.I don’t find myself dozing off during the day.

Ten years ago we were very positive about mucun a supplements with comments like ’ Mucuna was two to three times more effective than equivalent amounts of synthetic L-DOPA. This suggests that Mucuna may contain compounds that make L-DOPA function better such as carbidopa, tolcapone (Tasmar), or entacapone (COMTan). It may also suggest that Mucuna independently improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease’. Has that changed?

I was diagnosed in 2007. I am now on two dispersable co-benoldopa, eight co-envelope capsules, 8 mg of ropinerole and 50mg opicapone. I have tried entacapone and couldn’t accept the side effects. I am trying the extract and worrying about side effects and overdosing. Sometimes I think I am losing the plot and will end up in care with dementia.

I am a also taking co -q enzyme, cbd oil capsules, turmeric with curcumin and black pepper and a few other vitamins.

I would really like a cure but I may as well ask for ‘sky kid’s and ice cream’. You know what they say ‘if you don’t ask…’

I would like meds with less side effects. Is it possible to mix some extract with prescribed meds?

What say yee. Any experiences or opinions would be appreciated.

I meant to say ‘sky pie and ice cream’ ,wishfull thinking

Yes, I am also trying it…along with my 6 times a day Sinemet ( I was on Ropinerole 2 yrs ago & felt GHASTLY…butI suppose we ll react differently)… I rang my Parkinsons’s nurse to check it was OK with the meds but he couldn’t comment as it’s a herb. Said to check my responses!
I’ve only been taking it a week so will wait 3 months & see.
I do take CBD oil an hour before bed & I find it helps with sleep
Good luck!!!

Thanks for the reply.

I have found out, via my Parkinson’s nurse, who discussed said extract with the neurologist I am registered with. He has looked into the application of ‘Macuna Prurins’ That the extract I have bought is
roundabout the same dosage as two 125mg co-beneldopa \ macular tablets. This opens up a few possibilities but also posed more questions. Such as will opicapone work with it? As it does with artificial ‘l-dopa’.

I was also told that there other people trying a similar approach

Very encouraging.

Don’t give up! Don’t accept ‘just a herb’ as an answer. Persevere make a nuisance of yourself.

The knowledge is out there!!!

Hi. I’ve had some discussion with the Parkinsons nurse about taking Extract capsules this has been discussed with my Neurologist. They are quite happy with this.
I am going to take an extra Mucuna Extract capsule overnight for a month which should be enough time to see if I have any problems. Up to now I have taken a capsule overnight and I find that I have a better nights sleep and if I have to go to the bathroom during the night I can walk.

My next step depends on how this goes. If I don’t have any problems I am will consider replacing the Madopar I take at six pm with an extract capsule.

I am currently taking two Madopar at 9 , 12, 3 and six. This would reduce my prescribed medicine by 25%.

25% less side effects. :grin::grin::grin: