Mucuna - natural alternative to L-dopa

It’s a bean extract, available without prescription, from health shops and online.

I know there’s lots of threads on this, but just wanted to add this video from “Neurology Journal”

  • it’s only 1 minute long and shows a powerful difference in effect

I looked to see what science says about using Mucuna as an alternative and found this from the American Parkinson Disease Association -

Science of Mucuna Pruriens for Treating Parkinson’s | APDA (

I’ve now ordered some “Mucuna Dopa” (which seems to be a more refined version of Mucuna Puriens) from Biovea (which seems a trustworthy source), and I’ll be keeping it for emergency use for the time being.

I’ve taken Macuna Pruriens, they do work and kept me of taking Sinemet for nearly 4 years. I didn’t take it all the time, just when particular bad. If you take it regularly you get nauseous, this is why I started the Sinemet. There’s been a lot of discussion on here about it over the last couple of years.

I find Sinemet far better, even at a very low dose of 3 x 12.5/50 each day.