Mucuna v Madopar Dosage Question

Hi everyone
I was reading about people’s experience with Mucuna supplements and, in particular, the “two per day” capsule from British Supplements. I have been using their products (not Mucuna) for quite some time now and I have to say that, for me, they have been terrific overall. However, I haven’t tried their Mucuna because I am worried about the dosage which seems to be about ten times the strength of my Madopar dosage.
I was diagnosed 6 years ago at age 65 at which time I suspected I had PD as it was in my family and I was showing symptoms so I was taking Mucuna supplements effectively (not British Supplements brand) until I was prescribed Madopar 100/25 and 50/12.5 by a Neurologist who had never heard of Mucuna and wasn’t the least bit interested in discussing it with me. Over the years my dosage has increased significantly and I am now taking 9 x 100/25 plus 2 x 50/12.5 per day spread between 7am and 7.30pm but would dearly like to go back to Mucuna as, in my memory, it was better and smoother than Madopar. Here’s my dilemma, it looks to me like British Supplements single capsule of Mecuna delivers nearly 1000mg of Levodopa against Madopar single 100/25 capsule delivering 100mg of L-Dopa! If that were the case, and I replaced my Madopar with Mucuna, I think I would be taking 10 times my current dose which seems impossible. I am struggling to get my head around the maths of this! Could the Mucuna supplement actually be 10 times stronger than the medicine or am I missing something? can anyone help me figure this out please?

Hi Rhout,
It looks like this one slipped past the community. No worries; this happens occasionally. We recommend calling our team of advisors as they have access to info regarding medications and side effects. It’s a free and confidential service. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303. You can also plug in terms like ‘Mucuna’ into the search bar here: for additional info and archived forum discussions.
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Hi I am really interested to know what you find out as i am not yet taking any allopathic medicines and would like to delay as long a possible. i have used mucuna at times and was not sure how helpful it was but thought it was!

Hi, I have this question too. I came on to find answers. My dad started taking from British supplements the one a day and exchanged if for one of his doses He felt a massive difference when he took that as opposed to his sinimet dose. We r so confused how much he is allowed. Some reviews same to take up to 6.

Anyone tried mucuna from british supplemetns and can help us?


My Dad takes 2 supplements in a morning of mucuna from British Supplements. The Parkinson’s meds he takes are Amantadine, Rasagaline and the neupro patch - so no levadopa as such, but he did start a short course of Madopar for a wedding to ease some of his symptoms for the big day. He didn’t take mucuna whilst taking the madopar, but in general he finds the mucuna very helpful and he’s never experienced any side effects from the dosage. He takes them both in the morning (around 7am when he gets up), but it’s hard to say whether it’s these or other medications and supplements he takes. If he goes back on the madopar, we’d be tempted to try one capsule of mucuna in addition to madopar but this would just be from our perspective.

Keep us updated with how you get on and best of luck!

Thanks so much. Do you take the mucuna 2 a day?

Yes, my Dad takes 2 tablets in a morning, but we’re going to trial him on one in a morning and one in an afternoon to spread the dose out throughout the day :slight_smile: