I wanted to pass some treatment I discovered on how to deal with the mucus. My father has PD and lately he was getting a lot of thick slimy mucus. Especially when he takes a levedopa pill, this mucus starts coming. It makes it difficult to swallow and breath. We went to several neurologists but nobody knew how to deal with it. 1 neurologist injected botox in the parts that generate saliva so less saliva is being made. It improved his condition but it was still not enough. So one day I went on youtube searching about mucus and I encountered a video of Dr. Berg about mucus. He explained several causes of mucus like bacteria, reflux, … So as an experiment one day I told my father to try some anti acid pills he had. It is called Maalox Antacid. It is a pill that you keep in your mouth and suck on it. His mucus almost instantly vanished. He is taking it now for 2 weeks every time he has too much thick mucus and it is still working. But beware that this is something we just found by coincidence. I have no idea how much you are allowed to take a day and what the longterm consequences are. We are planning to visit a doctor now so he can guide us with respect to safe dosage.

I really hope with this info many people with PD are helped.

Hi Mister-x

That’s interesting as I suffer with mucus problems as well. My Dr or neurologist seem to know anything about this problem so I just been putting up with it.
I shall try your remedy and let you know how I go on.

Merry Christmas

Great. Let me know how it works out for you. I am curious to hear if other people are helped with this.

Have you looked at Potters Mucus Cough Pastilles ? I find these work after sucking on two of them & you can have quite a few of them without going overdosing. On Amazon you can get them for £3 per pack of 20 which is a good deal so I got 6 !!

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