Mug lids

I have been searching everywhere for mugs with a lid so that Dad can make a cuppa and carry it to his front room without losing half on the way due to shakes. The local disability shops just seem to offer plastic feeder cups which do not give much dignity...he can drink fairly well and wants to use a china mug it is just a cover when carrying it. Also mum has just had a stroke and he wants to be able to make her a cuppa sometimes (newfound independence while she was in hospital..she usually does not let him! Out of love but not helping!) Carrying two mugs would be completely out of the question! I have finally found these on ebay and have sent for one to try. Will post again when he has tried it. Has anyone else found a solution to this problem? Thought of clingfilm but he cant cope with that!

How about making the tea in a small teapot and adding the milk to the teapot. Then you could bring the teapot and the cup/s or mugs to where they are wanted and pour the tea on the spot. Inability to hold a teacup and saucer steady was one of my first clear symptoms. Its easier to put a teacup/mug on a small tray which presumably because of the extra weight does not allow the tremor to escalate as it does with a cup.

Hi Eileen, yes we did try a couple of times with a tray but the whole lot went flying even with a deep tray/plastic box. Its quite a long hallway from the kitchen to the front room and he can only manage a mug at a time as he has a step to negotiate on the way. Does very well but frustrated at the spillages. His mug with a lid seems to be the answer, will post when we have tried it! He couldnt manage a teapot at all at the moment...maybe if his tremors become better controlled, it may be a good option.

Hi Dilruth,
I have a crock mug with a detachable lid obtained from a garden center It is designed for use in the garden the lid to keep the bugs out of the drink,It has on the outside the words Weeder's Digest and pictures of weeds.
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We did pretty well with insulated Starbucks beakers intended for takeaway coffee, which have lids where you slide a little bit aside and drink through - though you can always take the top off completely. Ours don't have handles - don't know if they (or other coffeeshops) do a version with a handle.

This may sound a bit funny, but for sometime I too had a lot of trouble drinking a cuppa without spilling half of it. So I started using straws. This was if I was sitting at my computer desk. but no goods sitting in front of the TV. So my daughter, bless her heart bought me a 'Tommy Tippy' beaker. It takes hot and cold drinks and you can't spill anything if you knock it over. I now have 3 of them.


Going back to the clingfilm idea-I find clingfilm really helpful and I wonder if the problem your dad has with it is in tearing a piece off the roll to start with-it's dreadful stuff isnt it?! Once I discovered Lakeland's perforated clingfilm I found it much easier to grab a piece to put over my cup. Also, if you use a piece more than once, it actyually becomes a bit less "sticky" and easier to handle.

Hi dilruth,
I've just asked the helpline team whether they have any ideas that might be of use to you.

They've come up with the following:

Mugs with lids
These are generally available from those shops that sell nice oriental type china. You might also try a Chinese supermarket if you have one hear you.

You could also try an easy-drink mug and insert which you can find here:

I hope this helps!