Muhammad Ali


It is with great sadness that I write here from the states of the news that Muhammad Ali has died from complications of Parkinson's syndrome ,Stricken  in 1984 he lived a long life way beyond expectations .

I had the pleasure of meeting him in the 1960's while he went  on his college lecture tours down South in his personal life he was a kind soul .as a patient he set up a foundation to help others

He will be missed but his work for a cure will carry on especially to the patients in Arizon that use the Ali facilities .




RIP Classias Clay boxer and Parkinsons sufferer :..(


Such sad news. He was such an intelligent, caring human being as well as being a superb boxer. A beautiful man with a beautiful soul. RIP Muhammed Ali.


I will not remember him because of PD!! I shall remember him as THE  Greatest Boxer ever!!

R.I.P. Champ sad face


I agree, I was brought up watching his fights ( we were allowed to stay up for his fights), but I will also remember the dignified way he dealt with his illness. Before Ali I had never even heard of Parkinsons, he had the courage to enlighten the world to our plight. May his God be kind to him


My starting this forum address on the death of Muhammad Ali is even more significant to me as the next day June 5th my dear wife was admitted to hospital with complications of her PD ,she is still there and I hope she is home again soon.



Sorry to hear that,, our prayers to you both




Hope your wife is better and home soon. Best wishes to you both. 



Thank you Geordie & Supa,

The 16 th year since her PD Dx has been hard for us as she has now spontaneous blood pressure dropping problems which caused her to fall and nod out & freeze often, orthostatic hypertention is not unusual in advancing Parkinson's. One morning she fell 12 times in one half an hour ,that's when she was hospitalised to rule out stroke ,tumor's or epilepsy .The Drs. at our hospital have been trying out different protocols with several medicines's & increased Sinemet (similar to Madopar in the UK) lately she looks quite alive again and is in progressing quickly with inpatient physical therapy Re-Hab at hospital .

I am happy to report that she is pencilled in to come back home on June 27th ,no place ,like home !