Muhammad Ali

Hello, I'm wondering if the passing of Muhammad Ali has affected any of your loved ones with PD? 

It has for mine, he's gone right down hill because it's being thrown down his neck since it happened with all the news coverage. He become very angry about everything and I'm really struggling to know what to say for the best. I wish the news reporters were a little more sensitive to the fact the people suffering with PD will be watching. 

Just want to know if anyone is going through the same? 



Hi.... Well i have had PD at least for the last 7 years and to be honest, no it has not affected me at all. It is sad to see how the great Muhammad Ali became, though he had PD for 32 years and like a lot of people carried on living his life as best he could, and of course there will be a lot of publicity as he was one of the greatest sportsman in the world. Every time you turn on the TV or radio you will hear various illnesses spoken about, eg Cancer, Brain Tumors, etc. My Husband has in the last 2 years suffered both and come through it all with his amazing strength and wonderful outlook on life. He is never affected by what he hears, sees or reads, why? because in his words, he is alive and grateful to be so.

There are days when i feel unwell but i never think of the future...why would i? I surround myself with positive people, i never dwell on my illness, because who knows what is around the corner,  and it is certainly not worth wasting time worrying about it. Someone once said to me "you could get run over tomorrow" yep ive done that one as well....20 years ago crossing a road abroad with my young Son. I endured 3 fractures to the pelvis and was eventually airlifted back to England. 

This is turning into my lifes story, sorry about that....but life is precious so make the most of it, i reckon.

Best wishes to you both

Dolly x



Hi AMiller

 I have pd dx 2 years symptoms 5 years prior , dx Lewy body dementia 1 year symptoms same time as PD,

My self as long as I'm still able to fight on what happens to celebs is of no interest I get more affected by what happens to the people Iv met on this forum , at least they are real people dealing with real problems the same as I am.

Im a great believer in living in the now and that's become more so since parky arrived at my door, 

Classius Clay  aka Muhammad Ali brought Parkinsons into the spot light so I am great full for that he also did wonders for race relations, 

He also built his career as a boxer on dubious actions , the world is full of what ifs and one has to wonder what would have happend if Angilo Dundy had not split his glove with a blade in his first fight with Henry Cooper ?

Would he have gotten a world title shot ? Would it have destroyed his confidence if Cooper had knocked him out ? We will never know , a change of name and religion and the world forgot about Classius Clay snitch was conviniant to say the least .

  Anyway that's my take on things it may not be the popular line but it's my own ,

   Live well. Cc


We've All got to be a bit like Ali, I Feel like i'm in the ring , just another hit after another, how much  more can I take & have i got anything left too fight back?, wishing the bell would sound but it never does for a break, in my Corner i hope there's some support?. Just to get through one more round.

His legal name is correctly said as  Muhammad Ali the former ("and slave owners name he inherited") name was Cassius Clay. That was his given reason for changing it and his religion to one of his choice.


Sad about your loved ones depression following the death of this great boxer who has contributed so to the cure for PD , It is said (an ongoing conversation here) that Michael J.Fox is also feeling defeated by Parkinson's but we must also remember Muhammad Ali & M.J.Fox endured this disease for more then 30 years by my estimate... that is truly incredible !

I am seeing the same downhill changes in my wife's PD after 16 years ,although I was prepared for it all, still it becomes sad at what was taken away ,I try to look forward and not look back .

I would discuss the anger and see if it stems from fear of the unknown ,then perhaps comfort that fear by stating the good accomplishments he has been doing lately on his own .

Good luck,