Multi Alarm vibration watch?

I am sometimes forgetful in taking my meds on time. I would like to purchase multi alarm vibration watch (at least x4 alarms). The one in the PD shop is cheaper on Amazon but looks a bit plastic, not water resistant. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

Hi @Garybrooks . I’ve been using one of these for quite a while (I bought mine in August 2019). I think I just shopped around to find the cheapest price and ended up getting it from a specialised health site but the price seems to have come down now anyway.

You’re right, it’s not waterproof and isn’t amazing quality but mine seems to have lasted well and I find it very useful. I’ve had to replace the strap twice as it splits quite easily but the replacements are quite cheap. I like the fact that it has a rechargeable battery so I don’t need to worry about it suddenly failing. I recharge mine once a week.

Regards Clare

Hello, I bought a Fitbit versa watch for my husband that works well but does entail having an app on a phone or iPad etc to sync the watch with. Does also need recharging every 4 days or so. I couldn’t find a watch that had facility to set 7 alarms for each day, but I maynot have looked hard enough! Hope you are Successful shopping.

I needed five alarms daily, and bought a cheap Casio 3918 watch for the purpose.
It is waterproof to 100m (apparently!), shows the time in various place round the world for your entertainment and delight and the alarm function is quite straightforward to use. I find it rather bulky on my wrist, but it is after all a men’s watch. When I say cheap, it depends where you shop of course. The current price varies from £19.99 in Argos to twice as much in H Samuel or the Watch Shop. The alarm volume is not terribly loud, but I find it perfectly adequate. I hope this helps.

which watch exactly?

AudreyC thanks i’ll check that casio out online, regards garyb

can’t find casio 3918 online anywhere are you sure that’s the right model number?

3198 is one of the numbers on the back. It also says AE100W. Hope this helps!

The watch I have is a Pivotell Vibratime. I think the same model is also sold under other names though.

audrey that’s the model number thanks, gary b