Multi problems

I have a.f (atriel fibullation,) early parks, am nearly 87 , prone to falls, rejoicing in co,beneldopa renaissance of faculties, but mourning for fall in physical and intellectual pursuits ,can no ,longer get to.
I know medical research into parks is fantastic, but in the long term we all come to the same end, and I’ve tried to discuss this with the medics,
is this depression, or simple logic? there seems to be a huge silence on the.subject. maybe you won’t print this, but I felt the need to write it. p.s. forgot to I also have a broken elbow and am still in plaster, lucky it’s the left arm, not the right.j


What you’ve described in terms of less enjoyment in physical and intellectual pursuits could be fitting with low mood as it’s common to lose motivation to do things when experiencing this. I’m new to the world of Parkinson’s since my Dad was diagnosed a few months ago but he has experienced something similar and I think it’s understandable to feel a sense of loss and uncertainty when being diagnosed. Give yourself time to comes to terms with changes but wherever possible try to continue to do activities you used to enjoy or take the opportunity to start some new hobbies - include family and friends wherever possible too.

Best wishes,