Mum can’t move any limbs

My mum has had Parkinson’s for 19 years. She’s now pretty much bed bound apart from around 4 hours a day when she is hoisted to a chair. She now can’t move any of her limbs apart from lifting her arms slightly. Is this typical of stage 5 Parkinson’s? It’s awful to witness and like she is trapped in her body. We have asked Parkinson’s nurses and they say there is nothing that can be done now. One of her hands is also permanently in a fist and is so stiff it can’t be uncurled - we are also told nothing can be done about this. It feels like once you are at this stage of Parkinson’s no one is really interested and you have been effectively ‘written off’. Has anyone else or their family experienced these symptoms?

I have sent you a direct message. I understand as we are in a similar situation. Truly heartbreaking. I hope we can connect.