Mum has anxiety & PD

My 80 year old mum was diagnosed 4 months ago with PD and my dad now seems to be doing everything around the house - cooking, cleaning, etc as she says she's not able to do it. Luckily he's very healthy but my mum insists he stays with her all the time so he doesn't get to play golf anymore. She was suffering from anxiety before she was diagnosed and I'd hoped that the PD medication would ease this so my dad can enjoy himself out occasionally but it doesn't seem to have done so far.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
Hello Latchbrook and a warm welcome to the forum,
I'm sorry to hear how things are for your mum & dad. A diagnosis like parkinson's is hard to adapt to and it affects the whole family. It is common for people to lose confidence and become very worried about the future - this is certainly what happened to me 8 years ago. There is life after diagnosis and it can help to speak to other people living with it. If you have not already done so I'd advise you to find your nearest Parkinson's UK local group.
It is also worth checking if your mum's Parkinson's medication and any other medication she might be taking are working well together. That is a job for a Parkinson's Nurse Specialist if you have one or your neurologist.
The superstars on the Parkinson's UK helpline can help you with all of this. (number at the top of the page)
I hope things get better for your family. Please keep posting and let us know how you get on

Elegant Fowl