Mum has been diagnosed with Parkinsons


My mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons last Thursday. My dad also has Parkinsons ( all though they split up approx., 30 years ago, dad lives with his partner and she is young enough to care for him, mum lives alone) Dads Parkinsons is mainly very bad tremors, mums however appears to be different in the respc=ect that, she has a slight tremor on the left side but also has 'freezing' in the left leg/foot, her mobility is very bad, her handwriting has become bad, at times her speech is slurry and now she has become incontinent especially at night.

Mum is currently in a rehabilitaton centre, following a fall in the garden 5 weeks ago where she badly cut her head on the left side, mum was admitted to hospital, then two days later transferred to a community hospital for rehabilitation, then transferred 10 days ago to a rehabilitation centre, this was all initially due to her lack of mobility, but her GP had already made the referral to a Consultant prior to this happening, hence, she saw the Consultant last Thursday and was diagnosed, she also has to have a CT scan to rule out the possibility that she may of had a stroke or mini stroke too.

I'm the eldest of 3 (I'm 55) I have a sister and a brother too.

But the majority of 'care' has been left to me.

Any information/support would be grately appreciated.

Hi Skibadee60, 

I'm sorry to read about your mum's recent diagnosis.

Hopefully some other forum members will pop by and share their experiences.

Please remember that you can call our Helpline on 0808 800 0303 (9am-7pm Monday-Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays). 

Our Helpline advisers will be able to answer questions about caring for someone with Parkinson's. Of course, you can also call us to just have a chat or get some emotional support from someone who understands Parkinson's.

With best wishes,


Moderation Team.

Hi Skibadee60,

I am sorry to hear this and can understand the pressure you are under. As said above you can call the help line they are brill and may I suggest you contact your mums local social care department, they have a responsibility to you mum they can do quite a bit to help as now shes is legally disabled. 


By the way how old is your mum? I was Dx at 47 am now 49.




Gosh that is very young BB !!

Mum is 79, dad is 83 and was dx approx 4 years ago.

Mum was under Adult Services as they did a home assessment in August which resulted in a few aids being put in place in her home to help her re., her mobility, but what will happen now I do not know, I know the re-ablement centre aims to get residents back into their own homes as much as possible with a care package, but there is also the chance mum will be assessed as not being able to return home!

then you will be looking at a possible care home unless someone can move in with mum. i hope for you which ever option gets chosen is right for both of you.


my best wishes to you all good luck and if you need someone to talk to consider me a friend xx



Thank you BB.

At the moment I really don't know what will be happening with mum in the future, wether it will be care at home or residential care.