Mum newly I become a carer

Mum is newly diagnosed with PD, at the moment she is a reablement centre for intermediate care, this is following a fall at home in the garden, which resulted in a head injury, A&E, a stay in AAU followed by a 3 week stay in a community hospital, then a transfer to the reablement centre.

I don't know as of yet, what the final assessment will be, wether they will recommend care at home or residential care.

Her mobility is very bad and she is now also suffering from incontinence.

I know she would eventually like to return home, wether that will be possible I do no know at this stage.

Has anyone had experience of taking on the role of carer?

My Mum was diagnosed aged 82 and I became her supporter and gradually the role got bigger and bigger. She lived alone (was a widow) and decided herself to move to sheltered accommodation 5 years later. Then my role increased more and her PD progressed and eventually she moved into a Nursing Home when I couldn't cope anymore when she was 88.

Being a carer as things get more complex is not easy and it all depends on your circumstances as what is best

If your Mum's mobility is difficult and she is incontinent - could she manage living alone with paid carers visitng and you supporting? Or does she need a bit more than that? 

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Hope it is helpful...wish I'd been on this forum but was the only 1 of my siblings able to support Mum and never explored this source of support!