Mum with young onset parkinsons


Joined the forum after attending the group near us which is supported by Parkinson’s UK. So my mum was diagnosed at 39 when I was 2. I am now 23. We live in Northampton and are quite well adjusted to my mum’s life with Parkinson’s. Obviously, her condition is gradually getting worse. But we are seeing the light and funny side in it all.

We have ways around mobility issues using office chairs around the house if my mum needs a lift anywhere. We also use all available offers from businesses such as the CEA card. So I am just here to see what is happening around and if I can help parents with Parkinson’s if it’s just to reassure you that it’ll work out ok. :slight_smile:

Any way,


Tasha how nice of you. My girls have a friend whose dad was dx with PD when she was 4. He died about 10 years ago, when she was 36. Love your outlook and your care for your Mum. Not many like you, now days. That is what people tell my youngest, so I too am blessed.