Mums Parkinson’s

Hi, I am new to this forum and desperate to help my mum. She has had Parkinson’s for several years and is 83 years old. She has suddenly got worse and seems to have forgotten how to go to the toilet. She gets there and looks at the toilet and can’t remember what to do next. Has anyone else come across this problem? Thank you in advance

Hi balletdancer. Sadly I suspect your mum may be developing Parkinson’s dementia which is very common in older people with Parkinson’s and totally unlike other types of dementia such as Alzeihmers, though they sometimes go hand in hand. It would be wise to contact her GP for a proper assessment especially as it is also possible there may be a treatable cause for her difficulty, or there may be services that can help support her.

Look after yourself too as it is stressful time as I know from experience caring for my lovely MIL in the past.

Thank you . Will look into it. That is very helpful. Kind regards.