Muscle fatigue

Hi all
Since my diagnosis in February I have been exercising daily on a stationary bike. I usually do about 16 minutes of the hill programme and try and keep to around 15mph. I follow this with some stretching and balancing exercise and some exercises for my lower back. I try and remain reasonable active during the day and occasionally walk the mile into or out of town. During the last week the muscles in my upper legs have felt quite weak and I feel at times quite wobbly at times. I don't feel tired myself but i have to summon up the strength to do things that were quite easy a while ago. Should I cut down exercising to every other day? Would that help or is this the PD getting worse. I have just started Rasagiline three days ago but this started before that. I thought the exercise would build up my muscle strength so any insight into this situation would be welcome.
Many thanks

the problem has nothing to do with muscle stength -your muscles can be as strong as an ox but if the brain isn't controlling them correctly then they will not work effectively and will seem to be weak. the only answer is more or different medication. not to say you shouldnt do exercise but the side-effects will be discomfort and it will not overcome the neurotransmitter deficit.

Thanks for the reply, as this is a recent onset I wasn't able to mention it at my first Consultants appointment so the only drug I have been prescribed is Rasagiline which I have just started. I am seeing the Parkinson's nurse on Monday so maybe she can advise. I am surprised at this development but probably shouldn't have been. I have been feeling reasonably fit with the exercise regime and it was heavily promoted by everyone as the best way to approach the condition. It has taken at least three years between first noticing any symptoms to this point so i have not really taken on board that it will get worse!

Exercise as much as you can for as long as you can, listen to your body. Whilst exercise won't have a major impact on the progression of PD it will help make the most of what we've got left.

Exercise will help towards maintaining the general fitness of our other organs, respiration and circulation. Try telling me scoring a Wii fit age of 21 from a 49 year old PD burdened body doesn't make you smile and feel good!

One view I take is if a cure or step change in the management of PD arrives I want my body to be as ready as I can make it.

Best regards Tractorman.

I agree with Tractorman, but especially if your type of pd is mainly muscle stiffness, exercise of any sort can be very difficult. there is nothing i would like more than to be able to run, cycle and do weights, but getting out of bed causes pulled muscles and walking ends up with achilles tendonitis. i had to give up running with shin splints 25 years ago, cycling with plantar fascitis 18 years ago and weight training 12 years ago. so now I am a fat unfit person and I am FUCKING PISSED OFF WITH IT!

I will keep up the exercises because they help with the bits of me that are not stiff! I am just surprised at the sudden onset of the stiff dead feeling in my arm, before that I just had a slight tremor. Cycling seems not to trouble me but walking feels a bit weird suddenly. Off today on a 3 mile walk with friends so will see how that goes. My appointment with t he nurse has been postponed to later this week but hopefully she can give me some understanding of what is going on and how to tackle it. I guess I have just been a bit complacent and having only recently been diagnosed there is a lot for me to learn mostly from this forum so thanks for all the replies.

Hi Camargue,

I just saw a recent study from Feb this year (Randomized clinical trial of 3 types of physical exercise for patients with Parkinson disease, ) which concluded that "...exercise can improve gait speed, muscle strength, and fitness for patients with Parkinson disease. The combination of treadmill and resistance exercises may result in greater benefit..."

I personally swim and find it works well for me.

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I used to suffer with a frozen shoulder. I say used to i went for physio. They were never in, but trying the door handle twice a day for a week did the trick.

Memories are a great exercise. I complained to my physio my balance was awul. She decided I should lean against the wall and stand on one leg. I did and fell backwards on top of her. Every time I think back i have an internal jog.

I too have put on a little weight, once I get up I find her and pull her out, then I'll be back to my regular weight.

I was dx 5 years ago, I am 71 and go 2x a week to a physio, (he is on holiday at the moment) I go for a one mile walk every day with my husband (can't manage more)
These last 2 to 3 months I feel this same [muscle fatigue], and I need a stick, to avoid falling.
It started on only in the mid afternoon but now I get it mid morning, I can't do much housework anymore.

I am so scared to finish up in a wheelchair.
I live in France, we have no special nurses here, to help dedramatise.