Muscle stiffnes

I have had muscle neck and shoulder rigidity (stiffness) In my left shoulder blade for about 1/2 years now. When I want to look left I have to turn my whole body around, went to GP and because I have sponderlitis in my neck, the GP told me this was this was the cause. I do Tai Chi twice a week to keep active and this helped my shoulder. When I saw my PK nurse she referred me for physio, I had also been referred by the pain clinic to receive  acupuncture on my back.  It took my visit after seeing my nurse in Aug 2014 till March 2015 to see the physio, after consultation she told me that there was nothing she could do for my shoulder, all she could offer was a little excise. In the mean time my appointment came though for my acupuncture, I told the nurse/doc that my back was OK  now, so she advised me to have the acupuncture on my shoulder, I now have had it 3 times and I am amazed the stiffness has almost gone, I can turn left with out moving my whole body. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at first but hay if its works then I'm all for it. Is the stiffness due to my Parkinson's I don't know but it's just nice to be able to turn left again, and lay on my left side to sleep.


hi Mary that's very interesting I suffer a lot from pain in my neck.just waiting for epidural dural in back.also suffering from torn tendon in of luck gus


                  My wife (who has PD) has stiffness in her shoulders and pains in her neck and like you  doesn't turn her head to well is going for a neck and shoulder massage tomorrow . She should have had acupuncture 2 weeks ago but because of a chest infection and being terribly fatigued she didn't attend, anyway she is starting her acupuncture on Thursday. Finger crossed it works for her too.

                   All the best     Billywhizz 

Hi Billywhizz

First I had stiffness in my right shoulder, tried hot collar, gel and paracetamol. Then physio, the girl who did the physio ask if I would like a gentle massage and I would have to return about 6 times or a solid massage which would hurt but I would not have to return. I don't know about your wife but if she's like me the less I see of hospitals the better (don't take this the wrong way i know we need the medical staff and they do a good job) any way I decided to take the latter option, yes it did hurt but it did the job. Then it went to my left shoulder and the rest is history. It is just as though some one has tired your muscle in a knot. We with Parkinson's are told to keep moving tell your wife to give Tai Chi a go yes it is a martial art, but it's also about getting fit, relaxing,  balance, and breathing correctly.