Muscle weakness in eyes

Has anyone else got problems with there eyesight, over the last year, i have been going to my optician, with sight problems.  I have been very short sighted all my life,but in this last 18 months, i have needed 4 different prescriptions, which in a rough total is nearly £2000.00, and as i do not get any help its been a costly time. Only to find out that it may be the sinemet medication i have been taking, as it was increased from 4 a day to 6, 62.5mg. Now going to see eye clinic at my local hospital on wed 18th to see what if anything can be done, if it is my medication, how can i find this out, really upset at this moment in time as i have got 2 /3 grandchildren and would like very much to see all grow up, and our 3rd born this coming september.