Muscle Weakness in Rightside?

Hi all over the last few months I have noticed what feels like muscle weakness to my leg.

Like I struggle to pull my leg through my pants, move the duvet with my leg and can't lift my knee high fast but can walk and have not fell over yet.

The neuro recently (week ago) put me on a low dose of Madopar 50/12 2 x a day and can feel a slight improvement but nothing great.

Has anyone else had this? Is this normal of PD? Will the meds help once increased?

Thanks Trev.


Hi, yep i'm afraid it is all to do with parkinsons if the parkinsons is prominently on your right. Mine is on the left and I have the same problem. The increased medication could help a little bit, but you will probably still have a bit of weakness there. If you have a parkinsons nurse contact her and she will increase your meds if need be.

All the best - Sheila

how does your muscle weakness affect you?

my problem is leaning over to the left,is this what is happening to you?