Music and relaxing

Good morning
The Road to Peridition, is one of those movies you can watch time and
time again, Tom Hanks , the late Paul Newman ,Daniel Craig all contribute to this
brooding tale, the performance of all the cast is so watchable, its a bit like
Get Carter, this film was shot in 1971 in my homeland and Caine is always so
brilliant in the role, also the Haunting theme tune is very atmospheric it sounds
like the North East,but I digress, my wife says I am always digressing, the
reason I write to you all this morning is the Peridition theme tune, its a very
Beautiful piece of music by a chap called Thomas Newman,I was so captivated my
the lovely relaxing sound I investigated further. Well I cant recommend Newmans
work enough ,go on you tube and hear what I mean, his work is outstanding and has
a immediate effect if you are feeling low or depressed, it works for me and I
cannot give a higher accolade than that, GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON You will find a rich seam of relaxing music combined with some fantastic Images you will be moved saddened enlightened uplifted but above all you will feel renewed and your troubles will seem miles away so GO ON GO ON GO ON sorry a bit silly there, try it and let me know if you get the same uplifting effect you have nothing to lose by listening some of he most beautiiflull or even beautiful music I have heard n a long time . My beloved even likes it and our taste in music is at opposing levels.
Hope you find joy in this wonderfull discovery I most certainly did
Best Wishes to you all FedEx PS TRY THE TRACK HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL FIRST:grin::grin::grin::sunglasses:
Dear fedexlike,
For several days I have not been able to get on the forum. I kept getting a message that the forum was temporarily unavailable. When I got the same message today, I managed to find a way in. (Hah!) And I found your enthusiastic (to put it mildly) recommendation of Thomas Newman's music.
Wonderful, wonderful suggestion! I have just spent half an hour listening to some of his beautiful creations. "Whisper of a Thrill" is especially soothing. Loved it all! I even went through the struggle of calling up the forum again just to say thanks. (Is anyone else having trouble getting on the forum?)
Hello J I amso pleased you like Thomas Newmans music , every now and again I make discoveries like this and think why have I not heard this sooner,I feel much better now and things are going well the Duodopa was adjusted last week and since
then a lot of troubles vanshed so keep my fingers crossed .
Kindest Regards Fed:grin:
ps I have had trouble accessing the forum but ok now
Hi, fed --
I couldn't access the forum at all through this afternoon. It is now evening (9:45) of August 13 and I finally succeeded! I'm really glad to hear you're feeling better again. And just this morning I passed the name of Thomas Newman to another friend who needs a means of relaxation. She's fighting an undiagnosed illness and trying to help her daughter prepare for her wedding at the same time! No stress there . . .