Just out of personal interest, how have people who played musical instruments fared with PD?

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Put "musicians" into the PD UK search box above and some interesting posts pop up. It is is not usually the best search box I've used but in this case it worked well.  I usually goole if I want anything because quite often you get back to the PD UK item  you were searching for

Googling  "musician and Parkinsons" fetches a whole lot of other names.


Thanks Eileenpatricia, I'll check it out.



Hi Banjo,  I was a pro musician for 40 years until PD put an end to my career. It's not that I can't still play but I can't play well enough to perform . My speed and intonation has suffered greatly and I find that I now have to practise twice as much just maintain my current abilities. It was a great blow to me having to give up a career that I loved and was quite good at. I don't know how other musicians with PD have fared but it won't have been easy for any of us     Keep Smiling....... Cossy