My aunt

hi I'm new to the forum, I am closely involved in the care of my auntie who is elderly and has advanced Parkinsons with many troubling symptoms. She is currently in hospital but is desperately unhappy there. she wants to go home but there is divided opinion about how safe she will be there with a carer coming in to help her four times a day with no one at night. I was hoping, from joining this forum to get some ideas and read other people's experiences in case it may help me and my Dad (her brother) make the right decisions and support her appropriatley.
Hi Fifi,
Nice to meet you.
You are obviously concerned that your aunt is wanting to go home from hospital a.s.a.p. but would be alone at nights. Everyone with PD differs not only by age but also how the different medications suit them. I'm unable to tolerate Stalevo for example, so only the people who know her best can make decisions. I do hope you have a happy outcome and wish you all a very happy Christmas. Mary