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Hello everyone. I’m a 66year old retired engineer. I was diagnosed with PD after a Dat scan 3 years ago, although I lost my sense of taste 15 years ago. I suffer from right arm and right leg tremor. For the first year I didn’t take anything, since the second year I’ve been taking Co-benedopa (Madopar) initially 3x 50/12.5mg increasing to 4 x 100/25mg. To be honest I’ve never been able to correlate taking the drug with any reliable change in my tremor but I’ve done as I was advised so far. Now I also take 2-4mg IpinniaXL, again not sure if it helps. I’ve been eating a Keto diet for 3 years, lost 2 stone and feel healthier. I gave up smoking 5 months ago after 50 years, that reduced my tremor by 50%. I have just come out of Hospital after surgery for a burst Appendix, not fun and my tremor is back to where it was or slightly worse. I have a 9 inch wound that’s repairing, i’m hoping the tremor reduces once i’m healed.

This is the first time I’ve ever posted on a forum, so please excuse any errors.

Hi @vic1 and welcome to our friendly forum. Don’t worry, you’ve got the hang of it already! It sounds like you’ve had a quite a journey since your diagnosis. Congratulations on the changes you’ve made along the way, it seems many have really helped you, so it’s frustrating when you encounter a setback. I’m sure other members will chat to you soon.

If you have concerns and need to speak to us, our helpline and local advisers can support anyone with Parkinson’s, their family or friends. Call 0808 800 0303 to get in touch.

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Every time my mum has a set back eg uti/illness, her pd is worse for a month or so before getting better again…hope it improves soon

Hi i was diagnosed in March last year after a day scan just as civic started.I have had one phone call from consultant since March and nothing since.I am 59 but had symptoms for two years mainly a tremor in my right thing and deteriorating hand writing and loss of smell. I am on 75mgof madopar x3 a day and it has helped me no tremor now. I work full time in health service and try and walk at least three times a week. I was also doing Pilates before lockdown but no classes at present.