My battle is over

I have posted on this forum a few times about the battle I have had in regards to my job. I have worked in Education for some years. I was under threat of dismissal due to medical incapability earlier this year. Not only that but my job was being made redundant at the end of term. I was having regular reviews as I had not returned to work since diagnosis in October. At the review in March the 'dismissal' word was brought into the conversation. I was horrified as I knew how much I was struggling day to day and how hard it would be to return to work. Imagine how worried I was about my next review which came in June. I contacted my consultant, who wrote to HR giving me his full support and suggesting ill health retirement. His letter was the turning point. My employers back tracked suddenly and said they would be supporting me in going for ill health retirement. I had another mediscreen appointment and the doctor approved my request. My relief was immense and all thanks to my consultant. I can now get on with the rest of my life. I want to say thankyou for the support I have had on this forum, it has been much appreciated.
Yay! What great news! So glad it all worked out in your favour!
Congratulations on your success! If your experience is anything like mine, you'll LOVE retirement. It's the time of life when you finally have adequate time to take care of yourself and develop new interests or spend time on old ones.

Best wishes for your new freedom!
Excellent, Promise. A really tricky situation, and I’m glad you were able to hold your nerve. As J says, enjoy the release, and relief
Thankyou so much for your kind words everyone. xx

Same here, your PD Consultant is a key ally in getting your employer to accept your long term position.  Removing the stress of failing at your job really helped me to cope and I'm sure, delayed the dopamine cell depletion for a while, giving me some semblance of retirement at 50 that I can look back on.  I was also lucky that finances were in place so DLA/PIP isn't yet a worry for me.


Hope you're able to take advantage of the time this should free up.