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My name is Roberta Coelho, but I am always called Bobbie.  I have recently published  a new anthology of poetry called Reflecting the Light, published by Silverwood Books.  The book costs £8.99, and if bought from me, £2.40  will go to me to cover printing costs and £6.59 will go towards Parkinson's Research.  If you want to buy it from Silverwood direct, Parkinson's would receive £5.24 and from Amazon £2.99 approx respectively.  Unfortunately both Waterstones and W H Smith will not stock it, Waterstones because they are not supporting local authors they way they used to, so I am trying every avenue to sell as many as possible.

I am passionate about raising money for Parkinson's research and I hope you will consider it.

If you would like to buy from me, perhaps you would contact the forum moderators with whom I will leave my details.

The site address for Silverwood books is


Thank you.




Thanks for your donations, Bobbie.  That is very generous.  I love poetry and occasionally publish some of my own work.  I'm currently planning a collection which will be my first book; I think I'll follow your example and donate the proceeds to research.

Looking forward to buying and reading your anthology!    J

Thank you J of Grey Cottage, I look forward to reading yours.  Will you let me know when it is published?  I think it is a personal and unsual way to raise money for charity, especially Parkinson's.