My brother

Hello, I am new to this forum but am desperate for some aswers. My broher was diagnosed with parkinsons in 2007. He was with his partner. Unfortunately she left a few months ago and he now lives alone. I live in the same village. He seems to be going downhill fast and has hallucinationsand thinks he is in prison. I do talk to his parkinsons nurse and they are trying drugs to get him through the night. Would like to hear other experiences.
Hello Vonrey and welcome to the forum,
I'm really sorry to hear that your brother is living alone - it must be very hard for you both. I am glad that you are in touch with the Parkinson's nurse specialist - they are very good and can be an excellent source of advice.

Others on the forum will be able to advise you about dementia and hallucinations etc. Do you know which drugs your brother is on?

You could try the Parkinson's UK helpline who can advise you on most things. If you are not already in touch with a local group that could be a good move too.

I hope you find the forum as helpful as I have done.

Elegant Fowl
Hello Vonray
I am saddened by the troubles you are experiencing it must be very hard thinking of your brother on his own while struggling with his ailments,my PD nurse got the community mental health sevices involved they helped me through a
very difficult time ,they will visit your Brother at home and will pull out all the stops to help him, they are really very good.
All the very best for you both in the coming year
Well Phone call at 1am we had an eventful christmas eve. A phone call at 1am with my brother hardly audible. Then his neighbour spoke to say she had had Alan banging on her door saying he had lost his son( He is married and does not live with him)He thought he had been on holiday and was at the airport. Oh dear we went to his house and relieved the neighbour who had been very good. Stayed with him and made a makeshift bed for him on the lounge floor. Went back home and then had another call at 7ish to say he couldnt get up. Sorted him out again got him breakfast and said we would pick him up at 9ish and take him to see his 18month old grandson open his presents. That didnt happen as i couldnt get him past the front door. Later my husband and two sons tried with no success. Miraculously an hour later we heard he had gone to his sons and would be we us for the rest of the day soon(as planned) He wasnt too bad and at least ate well. My husband and sons took himback home at 9.30pm and put him to bed. Not too bad today and lets keep our fingers crossed for 2nite.
This sounds a desperate situation. I recognise much of what you are describing from my experience with my o/h. It is possible that it is his Parkinson's meds which are causing the hallucinations etc. as others on the Forum can testify. However it may sadly be dementia (as in my husband's case). In any event, as Fed says, you need to get the community mental health team involved as soon as you can. His GP or PD nurse should be able to refer him.

I do hope you get some help soon. Thinking about you and your brother.

Warmest wishes
My Dad had similar episodes and was much better once they reviewed his meds. As he's 90 we feared dementia but it was drug side effects in his case.
Hi Vonrey, Sorry your brother is having all these problems. I had hallucinations some time ago. They weren't very nice,but as I recall the doctor changed some of my meds. and I did get better, but at the time they were very frightening. I have had pd a long time, but every now and then it seems to raise it's ugly head. I am due to see someone from the mental health department because i have started having panic attacks, but they are quite mild. but my PD has been very helpful and so has my GP. But my GP feels the MHD will be able to help me get over this problem. You just have to trust these people.
Thankyou for all your replies. It helps very much that you all know these symptoms.The last two days have been very good. He has been prescribed quetiapine to try and relax him at night but if this does not work they are looking at changing stalevo for madopa dispersible.This may affect his mobility but they are hopeful it wiil help these frightning epesodes.Fingers crossed. My thoughts are with eveyone who is affected by parkinsons, it has really opened my eyes to this life changin disease.