My car

I need advice please. I am 70 years old and have a MGB car., I love this car but my husband says it plays his back up too much to go out in it and I have to sell it. Will it upset me too much to sell or ought I to give in gracefully and accept things for what they are????. I myself find it hard to get out of but I manage. The Docs. say do what you want now while you are able. Jemima
If you are asking the question, its because deep in your heart of hearts you already know there is only one possible answer - keep the car and tell the old fart to use his bus pass.
I used to have an MGB GT and I loved it, even with the costly breakdowns, but since Mr. Parkinson's decided to ride with me, I go for something not so low to get in and out of. I've been lucky enough to have 3 Volvo cross country cars over the last 7 years, but now that I am retired I am looking to change at the end of the yearn for something cheap, but not nasty, and high enough to easily slide in and out of. Good luck

Old F with a bus pass.
Thanks turnip. I like you attitude. I read the posts out to the boring old fart. He says it costs him too much every time we go out in it. I think I should get a souped up invalid scooter instead???? I could get a motorbike ( Harley} as I still have a full licence.cheers.Jemima
What about a Gold Wing trike?
That's a possibility, but BOF's size prevents it. I could get a bike and side car though.
I looked at it & I saw the Boss and I riding the 'trike' all the way on Route 66, wind in the hair, well hers anyway, the Eagles blasting out 'Hotel California', Chicago ' if you leave me now ' ,a bit of Fleetwood Mac, some Dire Straights, yup we can but dream eh?

I am afraid to say but my little red MGB has gone to a new home. I was sooo sad when her new owner drove her away. The bloke who bought her said I could come and have a drive in her next summer if I like.(kind of him I thought).HE promised not to use her in the rain.  

Throw caution to the wind and buy a Dodge Viper Jemima      


Yeah !  sounds good to me.