My dad died Friday 12th July :(

I'm heartbroken, after the last 3 months

He only went in for a week 3 months ago to be monitored for his parkinson's medication then ended up two days in breaking his hip then transferred to another hospital where week so in then broke his leg then just went rapidly downhill.

So want to scream at someone about what's happened but nothing will ever bring him back.

Funeral on Friday 2nd August and I really do not know how I am gonna get through it :(

Dear Lozza
please accept my sincere condolences - your Father was treated abominably. I know this is not the time, but later you might want to contact your MP, local newspaper, etc about this. it is utterly disgraceful. PUK should do something too.
In the meantime, i am sure there are many of us on this forum thinking about your loss, which is all we can do.
I am so sorry for your loss

dr jonny
Though a stranger to you, may I add my condolences? The grief of a sudden loss is hard enough to bear without the terrible complication of anger and frustration. My heart goes out to you, and I wish you peace.
Dear Lozza I am So sorry to hear of your loss. Love BA x
My condolences at your loss.
So sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you xx will be thinking of you x