My Dad has just been diagnosed at 52


I found out today that my dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it’s been on the cards a long time and has been getting worse so I had a gut feeling.

He enjoys exercise and boxing and the doctor said this is really good so I’ve been encouraging this but He is very shocked and upset, does anyone have any advice on how I can support him ?

He lives in England and I live in Scotland so it’s hard to not be around him all the time.


Hi @JessLogue, welcome to our community where I am sure you will receive lots of ideas and tips.

I was 54 when dx with PD, and like you Dad my grown up children had suspected it already especially my daughter Abbie. We live about 1:30 hours apart by car so don’t get to see her as often as she is a busy ward Sister and works some strange shifts. But I get tremendous support from her in lots of ways apart from the weekly FaceTime call. It could be a funny post she has found or her own inspirational post of encouragement or a simple photograph.

It’s very early days for both of you as your Dad only found out yesterday, so just be there for him and check in however suits you both. You both got a lot of challenges and changes ahead to overcome. But speaking personnel Abbie is still my little girl and I’m still her Daddy. I am just a Dad who his less mobile and active as I used to be but we still have fun and we still support each other. So if you are the type of daughter who use to share your problems keep doing so, he will still be there with the shoulder to cry on and to make you your favourite treat (though it make take him longer over time). You both have a lot to offer each other and a lot of new adventures. Just be you and be there for him if he needs it. As Abbie says I am still Dad just slower Dad. Sending you a big hug and wishing you and your Dad many happy years ahead. :blue_heart::family_man_girl::sunglasses:

Hi @JessLogue, :wave:

Welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad to see you’ve already received some great advice from @jps1926. I just wanted to add that we have information on website specifically for people who have been newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It has information on symptoms, medication, treatment and therapies and the different types of support available to your dad. You can find this section here -

We also have a team of great advisers via our helpline who can offer you more information and support for you and your dad. Do give us a call when you can on 0808 800 0303.

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Thank you so much for the information :blush:

Hi, thank you for replying !

It sounds like you have a similar relationship to me and my dad we have a lot of banter over text messages even if we don’t see each other in person a lot !

I will keep just being normal with him and I do believe he would come to me if he felt down and then I can make him laugh or feel better.

Thank you again

Jess, you are welcome as @Reah has said Parkinson’s UK are there for you both. There website does have a lot of really useful information and the advisors on the helpline are very good. :sunglasses: