My dad has Parkinsons but does not shake


My dad ( 74) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 9 years ago. The thing is that he does not tremor. In fact, in the last 7 months his upper half has improved in terms of mobility and movement. He is now doing things he could not do before.

He has absolutely no tremors. Is this normal?

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I know quite a few people who have Parkinson’s but no tremors so I think it is quite normal. Unfortunately I’m not one of them!

Hello Humza. Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed almost a year ago. I am 58. I have a barely perceptible tremor in my left hand.

I’m 57. I have a tremor in my thumb but Parkinson’s Nurse said there are over 50 symptoms in PD and lots of people don’t have tremor at all.
Just deal with what you have at the minute and take each day as it comes

I’ve no tremor, but when I was on Stalevo I had very bad dystonia I came off it on my own t1hen went to my consultant and showed her how I had improved. So tell your Dad not to worry,I used to go to Parkinsons group but stopped because I feel.t guilty about not having tremor

I was diagnosed 2 years ago and never had an obvious tremor. I only have a tiny tremor in my jaw that I only notice when I lightly close my jaw.