my dad has pisa syndrome a rare complication of Parkinson

Hi my dad has pisa syndrome, Pisa syndrome is defined as a reversible lateral bending of the trunk with a tendency to lean to one side. His condition has become more disabling as time moves on. Now he has also developed head drop.
Has anyone had experience and found a treatment for it?. We have searched high and low. Friends and family that meet my dad keep begging us to go for and orthopedic spinal brace, Does anyone have any experience with that?
Ive reached out to some companies who have replied that they only work with scolosis not elderly parkinson patient. I have come across beagle orthopedics and will give them a try tommorow.
I am desperate

Welcome to our friendly forum, @gila. I’m sorry that your dad is experiencing this often painful condition. I hope our supportive members will be here soon to answer you.

If you do a search at the top right of the site for PISA you’ll see that this topic has been talked about here and you can read those threads. You may find something of interest. There’s also an article at this link:
Posture and Parkinson’s: ask the expert | by Claire Bale | Parkinson’s UK | Medium .

Take care
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