My Dad is 60 with PD

Hi , I’m reaching out for the first time to someone other than my family.

My dad was diagnosed with PD at the age of 48 and is now 60. He is on lots of medication which he takes at 5 different times throughout the day. He has had deep brain stimulation whereby he now monitors shaking however over the years his speech has become a lot worse and I’m his daughter ( aged 30) visit of a weekend but struggle with my hearing.

Recently over the past few months me and my have clashed as he is very moody and doesn’t make any effort to try and make conversation with me when I stay , I feel ignored as I get no response, he then tells me to back off and makes me feel guilty when I’ve not seen him like recently for about a month due to us clashing as he is rude , inconsiderate and hurtful as I suffer with my mental health too. I’ve always gone out my way to support him and help him with shopping/ house chores and spend time with him but he’d rather sit and not speak. I love my dad to pieces but this is pushing us apart and he doesn’t seem bothered the impact of his moods on me, he’s very traditional and regimented , set in his ways but I can’t carry on being made to feel like this when I’ve just started feeling happy again in a new job and driving lessons , he’s never happy for me and I feel like I’ve lost the happy go lucky dad I used to see , I would really appreciate any advice or support and he lives alone , no partner , my parents split when I was young and my brother 26 chose not to see his dad anymore and my half sister is 19 and is at uni

Hi Alipali,
We’re very sorry to hear about the challenges your dad is facing and its impact on those caring for him. Parkinson’s does affect mental health, as do some of the medications/dosages prescribed, so we would urge you to speak to his medical team about these changes. If he does not have a local team, or you think he needs more assistance, please reach out to our helpline on 0808 800 0303 as this is one of the many services they provide. Additionally, you can find some general information on Parkinson’s and mental health on our website here:
We hope this helps, and please accept our warmest welcome to the community forum.
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I can identify with so much of what you are describing. Just my own conclusion but im convinced that the combination of young onset, frustration with life changes and quality of life, fear of what the future holds, mixed with medical interventions and prescription of dopamine replacement medications over time, all actually physically affect how the brain is made up and how it works. In my own case, i have learned to detach myself, i remember my dad as he used to be but the person i have now is completely different and needs looking after in other ways. I dont know if the same thing will work for you but there may be comfort in knowing you are not alone.

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