My dad just won't do his voice exercises

Back history dad diagnosed about 2yrs ago with early onset Parkinson’s
My dad keeps saying that he will do his exercises for his voice / speech but he never does. My mum is going round in circles trying to get him to do it and feels like a Sgt Major always telling him what to do (with his walking and posture too) but he doesn’t seem to be able to motivate himself to do it. I don’t know if there is a little bit of denial and he just doesn’t want to admit to the diagnosis. I have a speech therapist friend who specialises in PD and she has said it’s use it or lose it wrt your voice and Parkinson’s. I have told him this too. Have emailed him links to youtube videos so hopefully he could go through it at the same time as watching a video and have told him to get a routine going as well e.g. same time of the day. My husband suggested a ‘buddy system’ where he could team up with a ‘partner’ and Skype / FaceTime and they could do the exercises together? Would anyone be up for that? Although I haven’t mentioned it to my dad yet, so am not sure if he would be up for it. But it’s a start… Just want to give dad (and mum) a bit of support, but ultimately he is the only one who can do it. Anyway, any tips / advice would be gratefully received. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @ADLJ, I can sort of understand your dad’s reluctance as I get very self conscious doing the voice parts of my PD exercises. Does he have any local classes for PD exercises that he could join? I find this useful as everyone is shouting or whatever at the same time so I don’t feel self conscious.

Even the movement exercises I will only do at home if there’s no one else around to watch!


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I agree with @Singing_Gardener, your Dad should definitely consider joining a local group. If you’d like to explore this option for him you can look into local groups that are closest to his area here. If you need further assistance, you can also give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our advisers about the options available to your dad.

I hope you find the above information useful, however, please feel free to ‘@’ with any questions.

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Im Keith 51 yrs young where your dad is i have been
I have developed a very awkward stutter or stamma what ever people call it
I felt uneasy to talk around anyone including my family
I was very self aware , for about 6 or 7 weeks i hardly said a word to anyone , well not in long sentances anyway
When i sang to songs i knew i wouldnt stutter sounded sort of normal
But in conversations where i had to think of what to say the stutter would return
Now it dont bother me my kids nick named me awkright from open all hours now friends call me that to
We all act diffrently , whats good for one isnt the same for another
It may hurt him or be ashamed to do it around you thats how i felt , but i found i was missing out on so much
I dont know how old he is or how old you are but
I would be happy to help out , chat on the phone , i know exactly what he is going through
You can send me a private message and it would be my honour to help him
Message me anytime


Tell your dad that the muscles need regular workouts and stretches with PD. If you don’t they tighten up. This includes the tongue, jaw and vocal chord muscles.

I’ve had PD for over 13 years and still need posts like yours to kick my butt back into gear. Use it or you WILL lose it.