My dads experiencing Double vision

Hi guys

My dad has had parkisons since 2013 and is on medication, Sinemet.
He came off his medication for 2 days because it was making him feel sick and then went back on it again 2 days later. ( unfortunately we do not live in the same household so I didnt know this). He is now experiencing double vision and has been for around 5 days now.

He has spoken to a doctor who checked him over but didnt really provide much guidance other than it should go away ?! And to keep a diary untill the parkisons nurse can get to him which is in anouther 5 days time.

I’m trying to understand if this could be a symptoms of parkisons ( albeit it has come on suddenly) or If it could be the side effect of the medication, perhaps because he stopped and then started it again. Could anyone advise if they have experience this and how long for ?

Hopefully the parkisons nurse will shed some light on this

Hi @Naomiellen

Welcome back to the forum, I hope you can get the answers you are looking for from the Parkinson,s nurse and/or our Parkinson’s community, in the meantime please do contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 as they can put you in touch with a Parkinson’s nurse for some general information/advice.


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Sorry to hear about your Dad.
An Optometrist might be able to check him out and refer if needed to the corret place.
If he closes or covers one eye, does it go away? Are the two images side by side or one higher than the other? These are questions he will be asked.
Hope he gets relief soon.

Hi @Thorny

Might be a silly question but where can he see an optometrist? Will this be ay specsavers and opticians?

He said the double vision does go away when one eye is closed but when both opened he sees the image aide by side

Hi @Naomiellen
Opticians are now open for urgent or essential treatment. If he has a regular optician you might want to contact them first or have a look online for his nearest one. You can use NHS Links below to search:
Northern Ireland

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I started experiencing double vision recently. I discussed it with my Parkinson’s nurse, who told me to get it checked by the optician. However, I had been sleeping very badly. After a couple of good night’s sleep the double vision went away. I realised that I’d been much more sleep deprived than I thought.

Hi @Jane_L thanks for sharing.

I’m hoping the parkinsons nurse will be able to shed some more light on this on thursday and we have booked an opticians appointment for friday. Unfortunately it’s been constant and not let up at all for 10/11days now. I dont doubt Dads not sleeping great as he doesnt anyway and what with the worry of his eyes at the moment. Just hope it can be rectified.
Was your double vision on and off ?

It upsets me greatly and worries me alot since his diagnosis albeit 7 years ago

Mine was constant, until I got a couple of good night’s sleep, when it disappeared completely. It has since recurred, but does seem to be related to how much sleep I’ve had.

I have double vision that came on late in the day. This is related to tiredness as I have not been getting a good nights sleep and the double vision increases/decreases accordingly.
My Optician recommended having prisms added to my spectacle prescription which has .worked up to a point, if I get more tired the double vision returns.