My daughter jennifer

Hello , just thought you might like to know, my youngest Daughter Jenny, raised
over £400 last Saturday zipping across the river Tyne on a zippwire, she made me very proud ,I certainly would not have the courage to do it but Jen said it was
exilerating .
Well Done Jennifer!! HI Fed, hope you are keeping well. Love Blue Angel x
Thank you Blue Angel, I knew you would reply to the post, but no one else, odd!
Jennifer raised over £400 for Parkinsons research, , I jokingly suggested she should give it to me and I would do my own research ,BUT I must confess I thought a few more of my friends in the Forum would have responded with some encouraging words, after all she jumped off the Tyne Bridge about 90ft above the
water, for us, no one else, "FOR US" ,I told her I had Informed my excellent friends on the forum and she would be congratulated by you all, but I have been making the excuse that I cant access the site, to prevent her being disappointed
she wanted to reply to you herself ,I have told her many times what a fantastic
bunch you are , so consider this a sharp stick, she will be delighted to hear from
you. Or is it me, is my odd behavior of late putting you off replying to my posts, I freely admit to being a bit oooh a bit ahhhh, a bit of a geezer a bit
ows ya father, and I have been repeatedly admonished by Er Indoors, She who must be obeyed, my much better half, so you can be assured if I step out of line I
either get the silent treatment , or NAG NAG NAG, both I cannot stand and I fall
back in line, I appologise if I have upset anyone , but Jen has yet to experience
the warmth and support of you guys out there so how about it, lets hear it for
Mrs Jenny Backx, no that's not a mistake, Backx, its Norse apparently.
Kindest of Kindlyness and wishes of all things Regardswise
plus lots of Grovellingness Fedex:sunglasses::grin:
Congratulations to Jennifer, for raising so much for PD research, especially doing something so daring! You have every right to be proud of her. Cheers! :grin:
oooh! aaaah! thats sharp!

well done jennifer, don't think my jennifer would do that - she gets giddy standing on tip-oe. but she is off to adventure camp next week and might come back all gung-ho.
Many congratulations and thanks Jennifer for a fantastic feat for Parkinson's


Thanks guys ,these will mean so much to her, she is calling on her way home from work so I will show her them then , it will make her day.

Hi fedexlike,

Well done to Jenny! She's shared a picture of herself on the zip slide over on our Facebook page:

Looks like she's having a blast.

Thank you all for your encouragement I was a little worried when I saw how high it was, but once I had started it was fantastic, I raised over £400 but more to come in yet. Thanks again
Jen Backxs
thank you, you do your Dad proud.
Congrats to your daughter Fedex.

Just returned from a few days away,(visiting one of our offspring), so catching up on posts; not lack of interest.
Thank you all for your kind words, Jennifer made me very proud on Saturday ,I was very worried about the zipwire failing and all sorts of things going wrong but it was well organized and went well,she shows so much concern for our condition
and of course I pass on the information and tips found here on the forum ,she cares and wanted to help, so she did, that's just the way she is.
Thanks again Regards fed
Well done to your daughter! I think its wonderful when people challenge themselves like that. Not something I could have done. You must be very proud.
My closest friend has just given me a donation for Parkinson's UK. She was 40 last week and asked for donations for three charities instead of gifts. Parkinson's will now receive £250 in the next week.
It's thanks to selfless people like your daughter Jennifer and my friend that research can continue.
Thanks Jennifer
Funny how this PD Adversity brings out the best in our kids
A side we may not have seen before
you must be very proud of her
Well done Jennifer
Congratulations, Jennifer, & congratulations "Dad". Well done on a brave achievement, & in your contribution to Parkinson's research. You should both be proud. Best wishes. EM
Hi fed

Apologies just seen this post so sorry bit late .... But we'll done to your Daughter looks very scary x bet your all very proud.

Speaking of ' wrapped knuckles ' so to speak Steve is still waiting for promised photos of your models .

Kind regards x
Thank you so much for the response to my Daughters exploits It is typical of Jen
a few weeks back she said " Oh by the way Dad I am jumping off the Tyne Bridge on the 11th of May" my words cannot be repeated here but she was adamant and will be embarking on more fundraising in the near future.
Thankyou all, Kindest Regards fedex
bubble x please accept my apologies my Loptap is being a bit of a brat at this time and will store E mail contacts quite happily for months, or minutes depending on its mood, I have tried to sort it out, even tried giving it a good thrashing with a rolled up newspaper but still she plays up, If you send me your E address I will send pics,
Appologies and Regards

Hi Fed

I was glancing through various threads this am and came across this one.  Sorry I did not know what your daughter had done until I came across this.  What a great thing she has done for all of us thank her from me.  She is certainly braver than I am.    

Hope you are well fedex


wye smile

So sorry young Fed, i too have only just found this thread.

You must be a very proud Dad, what a gal, that is such a brave thing to do and to raise money for us all. Very well done Jenny, you have some guts, it must have been scary.

Have you put the footage on you tube at all?

warm wishes to you

Dolly x