My Daughter Sam

I was diagnosed on 3rd November 2010, aged 40. So far thought not affecting me and my family too much, but this is what my daughter aged 15 posted today for her and her 2 brothers aged 12 on Facebook.

It's 'Parkinson's Awareness Week' this week. On Sunday I done a four-mile walk in aid of Parkinson's, raising money to try and fund a new treatment for Parkinson's. As you will all know, LVC are having a non-uniform day on Wednesday. If you would like to wear something blue for Parkinson's and donate a small amount of money for the charity, I would be very pleased. There's only one thing that I would like back - my REAL Mum. Please donate some money, whether it is 50p or £5, it all counts. If you would like to donate some money, come and see me anytime of the day. It would mean the world to my brothers and myself. Thank you xxx

SO PROUD OF MY CHILDREN AND I STILL YOUR MUM,JUST different now, but love you all XX

How very proud you must be of your lovely daughter. This is her way of coping and supporting you, her dear Mum!!
Children adapt better than adults in these situations. My own two are alot older than yours and their love, help and support has got me through my darkest days.

love to you and your family

PB x
Hi Jen521394

You must be proud indeed! Thanks for sharing that.

We've set up a site for Parkinson's Awareness week where people affected by Parkinson's (including family members) can share their Parkinson's stories and what a cure would mean for them.

Your daughter might be interested in sharing her story there as well. You can find the site at:

Well done Sam, my daughter Jen is cycling Lands End to John O'Groats for Parkinson's. As you say they are great.
OMG. children do it every time. my 17yr old daughter has the patience of a saint.
she is also the most caring nurse.
I really hope that the week of action has a really powerful effect.
Hi Jen ....

What a wonderful story - you must be very proud. It makes you realise how important it is that a cure must be found soon to give these wonderful children and grandchildren their families back.

Best wishes to you and your family KG
I am so VERY PROUD of all my children. You sometimes forget that the family are also affected by this disease, but there looks to be some fantastic research and great results showing, so hopefully things will get better for us all in the not too distant future.

My three wonderful children have all gone to school in Blue today and are collecting for the Parkinson Awareness week, but telling all their friends and as Sam put, every penny counts.

Good luck to everyone out there.

Love to my children XXXXX