My daughters new job


               My daughter has just started her new job as a Nursing Assistant  in our local Hospital and she was very surprised at how little the ward staff know about PD when I was in the same establishment  for a refit in march, it was plainly apparent that the staff looking after me were not up to speed on this horrible disease, now this is not a complaint, I was looked after extremely well and the nursing staff are second to none, but I would have thought a little education Re- PD would make things run smoother, both from the patients and the staffs point of view.

                                               Best wishes to all                   Fed

absolutely, fed, though the same could be said about many  GPs and the odd Neurologist.

on the devils advocate side,  medical information is now so huge that no human can begin to take it all in.

more use will have to be made of intelligent computer systems to check for drug interactions, symptom analysis etc.  

Hello Old Friend

                       I am so pleased to hear from you I hope you are well. Your comments are correct of course however I have taken part in many meetings at  NTGH  solely to educate and inform Nurses Doctors and the  odd GP  with community health care professionals also attending some were sadly lacking in even basic knowledge of the horrors of living with PD.

                                             Glad to hear from you Turnip and all the best  for christmas and new year.

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All the best to you to Fed

only god knows the problems you have prevented ! I really mean that,

have a great christmas

if you click on get involved at top of page then srcoll down to dr mark porter there is a like where you can request a spread the word pack,i got one it has posters & information leaflets that you can pass on to local hospitals,gp surgery,and chemist or you local support get the word out!

link sorry not like. da

Thanks for bringing that to my attention gus,  ??? I knew labradors are very clever but who taught you to read and write,, amazing you put that little show off on the telly Britains go Tallons  to shame, she was good though wasnt she.    the human wasnt bad either.                                             Tallent or even Talent.

                                            Kindest Regards and best wishes to you and all your human family and friends.


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Thanks for that old friend, you have been conspicuous in your absence , I look forward to hearing more from you as , with johnny and many many more of our anti parky militia only the experiences we have suffered can equip us with the armour tough enough to endure the constant barrage that parky brings down on our livesevil I know this Avatar means evil but its not meant to be me but BLACKHEART if you get my drifteek would be more of a representation of me as I have just sat on the cat???????????! we dont have a cat???.

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Cheers fed, have a good xmas & family

i am getting Oliver Sack's book on hallucinations for christmas,  You might find it useful - its very heavy so you could throw it at the cat. [hope you dont mind an attempt at a little humour]. but seriously it might be useful,i'll let you know after i've read it if you want.


 I would  appreciate that very much, and you can rest assured it will be in good hands, but I wont be throwing it at the cat   I have a big pile of   the   Margaret Thatcher auto biography  (How to wreck heavy industry mining and the shipyards  )   with a fore

word by IDS ! he is not so quiet now is  he, I found them in a skip. but if you let me know if its a good read and we will take it from there, as I was saying before I   interrupted myself I use thatchers books as anti cat artillery and they burn well in the woodburner, now where have I put Camerons. I find they quickly turn to a soggy compost, a bit like his promises pre election.evilthis is how I feel

                                Tis the season2B merry NOT,my wife scolds me for my attitude but I cant help it.