My dear dad

Hi I am new to the forum, not sure if I am doing this right but I wanted to tell you about my dear dad who recently passed away aged 84 years. He died of severe Parkinson's Disease, after only being diagnosed with the condition two and a half years ago. He probably had it many years before but my dad was never one for going to the doctor.

It was heartbreaking seeing the way my dad died, he basically starved himself. He couldn't swallow. Parkinson's is such a cruel disease. We knew very little about it until it was too late. I wish I had done more for my dad, but you seem to have to find everything out yourself. No one sat with the family and told us what may happen. Maybe the rest of the family could have understood it more and come to terms with it. Seeing your loved one dying in front of your eyes and having no control over it was so distressing. As cruel as it is to say it, it was a relief when he died. I don't think any of the family could have taken much more.

My dad was such a fit, intelligent man. In the last few months of his life he changed. He kept falling over, and after his first fall he lost his confidence. He lost interest in
everything, and just slept all the time. It was like he had given up. He never remembered to take his medication on time either. I seemed to have lost my dad many months before his departing as he wasn't the same.

I'all always cherish the time I had at his bedside before he passed away to tell him how much I loved him and that he had been a great dad, the best. He was such a kind and caring dad, and always thought of others. Even when he was dying, before he lost his ability to speak. It was always about my Mum and whether she was OK. They had been married for 55 years and together for 63.
Hello, Juniper100 --
Please accept my condolences on the recent death of your father. Clearly, you were a very close family and thus are feeling the loss keenly. Parkinson's disease can be cruel, indeed, although it is not ordinarily the direct cause of death. I wish you and your family well and hope that your happy memories and mutual love carry you through this painful time.
SOSorry to hear of you're dad it is a very hard disease to cope with as I am only to aware at the age of :47 but I hope he had a good life up till then so sorry for the last fe years keep ur memoirs of him and that will get u throughxxx