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My father is 75 and has parkinson. I came back from Canada last year and live with my parents now, in Bulgaria. I don't know where to start from...My dad is driving all of us insane...I am not sure if this is the disease or himself anymore... :( We're doing ANYTHING to please him...and he's like a pretentious child. I had a HORRIBLE fight with my parents few days ago when he was not feeling well again and I wanted to take him to a hospital. I just left...I went to sleep at the house, I called emergency and the doctor was really nice and talked to me...he told me that except for trying to keep my own sanity right now there is nothing I can do. Before my fight was my f****** birthday...worst birthday of my life....for present I called a doctor to visit us. He was really nice and competent, he told my gotta help yourself too...Forget about it. He yells during the night because he wants candy. Then he lies to us he didn't eat or he didn't go to the toilet.

My brother came from Vienna...they want to leave today with him so he sees a doctor there. I don't think it's a good idea, but who am I to give an opinion in this f***** up family?

I just want to get out. Though I know from experience wherever I go I bring my issues with me.

I am angry, and I am sad...and I started kick boxing because otherwise I will hurt myself. I wish I could help but seems to me if I suffer they feel better. It's like if I am not in pain it means I don't love them.

I just don't understand....

waiting for an ambulance...

Hi IrinaV, we're so sorry that you're having a difficult time trying to help your father. We hope your father is ok since you called an ambulance. We would suggest you ask his doctor for advice about your father's symptoms and for local support.

It be can very challenging being a carer and a strain on family and relationships. All our support services are UK based but this information about looking after yourself as a carer may be helpful: We also have this guide on family and relationships: Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much, Edwina! I will have a look at the links you suggest. For now he's better....I am constantly on my toes because I know it won't last forever. Meantime I started a new exciting job and I think this kinda made him get himself together a bit - I am SO happy he started walking the dog again! 

I am looking for a way for him to cover himself with the blanket because he pushes it away in the night then he calls for help....I don't even know how to search in google.... If there is some trick... Do you have an idea?

Thank you!


Hi IrinaV,

It's great to hear from you again and to know that you and your father are doing well.

Keeping the bed covers on is tricky, maybe other members will have some useful tips for you. The best I can find is this web search but I'm not sure how effective any of the suggestions will be:

Our shop also has lots of useful aids for daily living but nothing specific for you at this time. However, it is worth checking for future use:

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