My First Novel - Coming Soon in 2012

I have enjoyed a life of sunshine and sin! I used to think I was untouchable. Then I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I felt physically disabled and psychologically crushed. Luckily I found ‘Parkinson’s UK’ and through them and this forum I was able to connect with people who hadn’t let the illness control their lives.

I’ve always enjoyed reading science fiction epics. I decided it was my turn to write in the genre I loved. It was hard at first, because one side of my body responds slowly and awkwardly but I soon learned to type with one hand.

Through my writing I have been able to forget my problems and discover a whole new reality! My first novel will be published towards the end of the year. I truly hope others enjoy my work, but successful or not it doesn’t matter I will continue to write.
hi vanksed, welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx 11 half years ,im 43 years old,i think riting a book is brill,well done you,i rite diarys as ive progressed with pd,and many people have said to make my journey go to a book,but its gettin a publisher and all the ins and outs i carnt handle,i think im happy just doin day to day with me journey through my life.i wish you all the look,and let us no the name of your book and i will deffo take a look:smile:
Hi Ali J

If ever you want to write that book and I can be of any help then let me know. In the meantime I think what you are doing is great. You can find out a little about my SF Novel here htpp://

The book is called: The Tale - A story of galactic proportions.
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thanks vanksed:smile: