My first time!

Hi everyone this is my first time, I`m a 51 year old mother, wife, former hairdresser & accounts assistant who suffers from PD.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago in Aug but spent over 2 years before undergoing tests. I was finally diagnosed in Aug 09. My symptoms are not the usual ones of shaking, I started with with anxiety, panic attacks, twitching little finger, weekness in my left side and very slow and stiff movements.

I`m now on medication and doing ok but still having regular visits to my consultant.

I tend to feel very isolated, i don`t know anyone my age who has PD and although i get a lot of help and support from my family and friends it would be great to be able to talk to someone in my position.

I hope i don`t sound negative because i`m quite a `glass half full` person and still carry on as normal as possible (no way am i going to give up wearing heals and enjoying life), it just take a bit longer to do things.

I look forward to meeting you

Big C

Hi Big C,

You don't sound negative at all, good for you for not giving up and letting PD take over. There's lots of different age groups on here, I hope you find this forum helpful and supportive.

Take Care!

Welcome to the forum Big C....let me assure you that everything you've said about your symptoms is normal....for PD!!! It's a strange and varied disease that manifests itself in many different ways. Keep on reading the forum and you will find people with all, none and some of your symptoms.

We hope you feel included and don't worry about sharing your problems, we unerstand


Welcome to the Forum C, I am 62 year old lady,diagnosed 5 years ago and on medication. I have found lots of info on the Forum, especially re the various treatments. I have a near normal life.

Hello big C,welcome to the forum. I'm 51 too,and like you I feel so lonely sometimes even though I've got company almost 24/7. But since I found this sight I'm not quite so bad.Although I don't post a lot, reading through the forum helps.I hope you stay with us.:smile:

Hello Big C ,sorry you are feeling isolated with you PD.I was diagnosed four years ago aged 59 but socialise with all age groups via the internet and in person through joining our local PUK group.

Hi Big C,

Welcome to the forum,

I'm 45, a mother and work from home. Like you I didn't start with the tremor, however it was the resting tremor that finally (after 6 years of tests) pinpointed PD which was confirmed by a referral to a movement disorder specialist not quite nine year ago. By the time PD was diagnosed I was ready for meds because I was really struggling. My left leg was dragging; I kept falling and was in a lot of discomfort. The meds control my symptoms quite well.

It's good to have you here ~ you're in the company of people who really do care. Sharing experiences with one another is a valuable means of support!


am 49 yrs young and have wildly diifferent times often in the same day. Am on ropinirole xl with varying degrees of success.

welcome, keep reading, keep talking.


Its so nice to recieve all your replys. I now feel very lucky after reading other forums. I`m currently taking Requip XL (slow rlease) & Amantadine plus various anxiety meds.

Its so nice to talk to people who understand how I feel and compare notes

Regards Big C

(P.S. the big stands for tall not wide)!

Hi Big C

I'm glad you decided to share your thoughts with us and hope you're feeling a little less isolated now. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Hi Big C.

Well done for taking the first step, posting on here can seem daunting to some people, especially those suffering with anxiety is seems.
I am 52, wife, mother, grandmother and I am still working full time and doing a degree in my so called, spare time.

I was only diagnosed in March and am still adjusting to the idea, as well as the confusing array of symptoms and meds that go with it.

This and other forums have been invaluable over the last few months so I hope you get the support you need.

Caroline x

Hi Big C,
I was diagnosed 3 months after you.Right hand side affected,similar situation.Have been in touch with many on here in our age group.I am 47 years of age.The sense of isolation is reduced when visiting these forums.That is only one in a multitude of advantages in visiting here.
The positive/negative factor always crops up.Anybody who says they are positive all the time is rare.There are constant ups and downs with Parkinsons,it is part and parcel of the condition.
It,s good you have have support from family and friends,having that is a necessary foundation.When having a bad day,its reassuring to know that they are there.Now you know also that we are here.There is always someone at hand to listen and a vast pool of information is available.
Welcome to the forum,chat again soon,
All the best

Hey Big C,

Dont feel alone, we are all here! Just at the end of the line or whatever its called lol x
How are you coping with the hairdressing? (Did you say you were still working as a hairdresser??) I used to be a hairdresser too but after a little twitch & a slip of the clippers whilst cutting my hubbys hair leaving a rather large bald patch I thought it best to stop lol :)
It is a funny old thing isnt it? , the PD i mean, so up and down, you never know what each day will bring!! So now I take each day day as it comes and fly by the seat of my pants!!
P.S - I still wear my high heels too lol (Despite often tripping over in them hahaha!!) xxx

hiya welcome to the forum ,im ali i bin dx 10 years ,im 42 ,here is good surport on this forum ,and plenty of good freinds ,come on in to the cafe and i will do u a good old fryup and a cuppa.its were we all hangout,everyone is welcome ,pop ur head round the door,just say hi and u will be welcomed with open arms x:wink:

Hi BigC
if you are feeling [u]very very[/u] isolated and depressed you might want tell your doctor as it might be made worse by your pills (see amantadine leaflet). But whatever you do, dont stop taking them suddenly. Hope this doesnt sound alarming, its not meant to be - just something you might want to be aware of.